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RY Models 1:20.3 Fine Scale Caboose

East Broad Top # 27 & # 28

Update: November 23, 2015

The limited edition built up models of the East Broad Top RR cabooses are now sold out.

This project was brought to you by RY Models with assistance from Geoff Ringlé. I commissioned Geoff to initially build 20 models.

The set of pieces – supplied are all the hard to make items to build the caboose. Only 8 sets of the following parts were produced for craftsman projects. Specially made brass stampings for the frame, the laser cut styrene for the cabin structure and interior, custom made investment castings for items like the brake wheels & pole pockets, other assorted hardware & couplers. And RY Models blackened Brass - ball bearing caboose trucks are included. $695.00 + shipping.

Download the parts PDF

Interested individuals can contact me via Email: richyoder@richyodermodels.com
or Phone: 1-610-678-2834 after 6:30 PM EST weekdays until 9:00 PM.


It's also highly recommended purchasing the online version of The Narrow gauge Annual for 2013. It's a great source of how to photos. Westlake Publishing Russ Reinberg Publisher.


Saturday June 16th we visited Ken Molchanow outdoor railroad RGS South Jersey Division. The purpose of this visit, to run under realistic conditions our latest project. The EBT Caboose. The temperature that day was in the 90's with cloudless skies. It was a scorching hot day! Ken was so kind to produce this short clip of the RY Models EBT Mikado with RY Models brass EBT Hoppers and our Composite Caboose in tow. click here for the video."