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Virginian Gondola

Update December 24th, 2007
The balance of the 2nd version of the Virginian gondolas will be available in early March.


Update September 15th, 2007

I am pleased to announce the arrival of the Virginian gondolas in "O" standard gauge. P48 models will be arriving at a later date. I will be filling reservations in the order that I receive your balance due. Please call for that information. A check or money order is preferred.
Update July 1st, 2007

Additional photos from the layout.

Update June2nd, 2007

Here is a finished sample of the 116 ton car.

Update May 18th, 2007

My challenge to find and Identify the source of additional photos of this Gondola have paid off.
Please see the new photos recently added below.
Update May 4rd , 2007

This is the 4th factory painted and printed car project.
16 different car numbers will be available.
Numbers were selected based on actual photographs and roster information.
New photos of cars will be added to the web site as they become available.
If you have photos and are willing to share them, I will post them along with a photo credit.
Update April 14th, 2007

Production has begun.There are a few remaining unreserved cars available.
I will also be importing a limited quantity of 6 wheel 8' 6" Buckeye trucks.
Cars will also be available with P48 trucks.
Update March 11th, 2007

Here are a few photos of the pilot model before final corrections.I have also added new photos of prototype cars.
Update February 23rd, 2007

This car project is entering into production Delivery is expected within the next few months. The top two photos are classic examples of how the cars appeared in the 30's through the 50's. The model project will include two car side styles. Patched and un-patched. See below.Orders are still being accepted. Reserve today.

Virginian class G-3C included 716 cars, class G-3D included 75 cars, and class G-4C had yet another 1222 cars. All cars were of the same design but classes G-3 and G-4 initially were built by different builders. G3X shown below was yet another rebuild of class G-3C. The cars were equipped with a dual braking system.

Pilot Model Photos

Prototype Photos
Update June 13th, 2007
Photo from the C&O Historical Society.

Photo from Bob's Photos.

Photo from H. Reid.

Photo from the collection of Lloyd Lewis.

Photo courtesy of Bob's Photos.

Photo Submitted by Dick Bregler

The source of this photo is the University Of Maryland Archives. Titled "Empty coal cars for loading at Tipple. Koppers Coal Division, Kopperston Mine, Kopperstown, Wyoming County, West Virginia." Dated 8/20/46. Submitted by Mark Yanagihashi.

This photo was submitted by Mark Yanagihashi and is the only photo I have seen showing second hand use of these cars. This photo was discovered at LeClaireRail.com

Photo Courtesy of Gene Huddleston

Photo courtesy of Bill Mosteller

Photo courtesy of Bobs Photos

Photo courtesy of Bill Mc Clure

Photo courtesy of Bill Mc Clure

Photo courtesy of N&W Historical Society

Photo courtesy of N&W Historical Society