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Prototypes of Interest

Update: January 9th, 2013

This page will contain information on Projects that we are thinking about producing. Information on prototypes wil be posted. Response to potential projects will be of great benifit.

GE 70 Ton End cab

From 1946 until 1959 GE produced a 70 ton diesel in their Erie PA facility. With the engine weighing in at 70 ton, it could operate on 65 or 70 lb rail. The locomotive was well suited for switching, branch line service and transfer service. Coupled with other 70 ton units to increase horsepower and tractive effort, some Class 1 railroads purchased multiple units. The end cab design was based on the instillation of a six cylinder 600 horsepower Cooper-Bessemer engine. The unit was equipped with 4 GE traction motors, one per axle.

Below is a classic photo taken by Bruce Davison on the Claremont and Concord Railway in New Hampshire. A "Pinsley Railroad Company"

Interested in this modeling project? Please contact Rich Yoder using GE 70 ton in your email header. Email: richyoder@richyodermodels.com
Phone: 1-610-678-2834

Bruce Davison

Interested in some of the possibilties for modeling? Click on the photo