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Update:December 1st, 2011

Models "IN STOCK" contact RY Models now

The O Scale Narrow gauge Model offered in On3 and On30
Update:February 19th, 2011

The GE 50 ton project is in the component assembly stage. Paint colors have been approved.

In addition to the as delivered models there will be a small number of Scarlet and Gray units available. Reserve today, numbers are very limited.

Update:February 19th,2010

Our pilot model has been built. Photos from the factroy are available for review on the Pilot model page. After a few corrections we will begin the manufacturing process. Reservations are due by March 20th.

Update:August 16th,2009

The drawing of the model in "O" scale from the original Factory plans has begun.
Accurate dimensional information supplied by Joe Dale Morris suplimented by Dan Robirds has been the key to the accuracy of this model.

The Diesel shown above was of a designed by General Electric, modified for the Keeler Branch of the SP Narrow Gauge Railway which operated in the Owens Valley tucked away behind the Serria Nevada Mountains in California. Many confuse this Diesel with its' larger end cab cousin the GE 70 ton.

The SP Keeler Branch brings us a wide variety of modeling possibilities.Please take time to read and review the information supplied by John Shaw below.

Update: May 19th, 2007

Mr Shaw has taken the time to describe the events of the day that correspond with his visits to the Keeler branch of the SP Narrow Gauge railway in the Owens Valley of California.

Switching at Owenyo. Photo and commentary by John Shaw.
On our visit to the narrow gauge on Feb 22, 1960 we had made arrangements to ride the railroad in the caboose.. Several others had also arranged to ride, so the baggage car #12 was pulled out of storage so we all could ride comfortably. We went to Laws to pick up some loads which turned out to not be ready. Our train returned as it started, resulting in our own 'private" fan trip! The photo was taken at Owenyo upon our return. The structure to the right is the hotel.

High Line at Owenyo. Photo and commentary by John Shaw
Transferring concentrates from narrow gauge gondola cars to standard gauge gons using the "high line" at Owenyo. Locomotive #1 has spotted the cars on the transfer trestle over the standard gauge cars below. The men are opening the side doors on the cars. The various buildings that comprised Owenyo are in the distance. Photo taken Feb. 22, 1960.

Switching cars at Sierra Talc. Photo and Commentary by John Shaw.
The Sierra Talc Mill at Keeler, Feb. 22, 1960. Talc was loaded in narrow gauge box cars for the trip to Owenyo where it was transferred across the platform to standard gauge boxcars. At the time I took the photo I didn't notice the vehicle at the warehouse doorway. Always wondered what it was used for and how it came to be. Two months later, on April 29, the last train left Keeler.

Photo and commentary by John Shaw.
SP 4-6-0 #9 is at Owenyo, returning from Keeler with loads of talc. At the left is the station and order board. I am atop one of the narrow gauge boxcars (note the staff brake wheels). The platform for transferring freight from narrow to standard gauge cars is visible. Photo taken May 30, 1955.

Yard At Keeler
Photo and Commentary by John Shaw.
Another photo at Keeler on Feb. 22, 1960, showing what remained of the locomotive servicing facilities. At one time the steam locomotive shops were located here and minor repairs and servicing were accomplished. Major repairs necessitated shipping locomotives to the Bakersfield Shops. There are still a few car bodies at Keeler today, but it is mostly a ghost town. The station still stands as well.

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