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Update:October 31st, 2017


Dry Ice Car Order Page

Mathieson Chemical and Liquid Carbonic Corporation

Please read through to the bottom and fill out the order form.

Models are two rail "O" scale. Please choose the appropraite box to the left of the photos and fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page. You will receive a phone response for an order within 48 hours.

Sold out. Price $339.00
Built in 1946, This entire class of Mathieson Dry Ice cars were built by ACF Industries in Milton PA. Over the years as their business grew additional small lots of cars were built.Few changes to the original car design occured since the original lot of cars were recieved in 1933. Reporting marks, and company informational changes being the obvious differences from lot to lot as times changed and the fleet in later years was maintained by ACF leasing arm S.H.P.X.
Sold out. Price $339.
Built beginning in 1933, These light weight - heavily insulated cars were based out of Saltville Virginia with other fill points located in the New England region, Arizona and Chicago. Balsa Wood and Kapok Blanket material was use to help insulate these 40 ton cars.Note the M.A.W.X. reporting marks.
Sold out Price $339.

Built in 1934, The Liquid Carbonic Corporation car body had shallower dry ice bunkers verses the Mathieson cars. When compairing the car sides one will notice the "cant" or angle in the car side starts at a lower point on the L.C.I.X. cars. The loading door arrangement was also different. The car interor had two internal sets of roller beds to get product to the bunkers in the car.The bunkers were the width of the car and built to the height of the horizontal cant in the car side. Above that body line was nothing but air space.The capacity of these cars were 10,000 lbs less. These cars were all hand loaded requirying personel to wear protective clothing.

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